Easy 10 Steps To Get More Views On Reels For Beginners

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If you are an Instagram or Facebook influencer, you definitely want more views or likes on reels for getting more likes. Creating reels for your brand or business can be one of the best ways to increase followers and engagement on Instagram. 

If you want to reach your account and want to get more followers, you need your viewers on reels. Instagram is the 5th most downloaded app in the world, it knows how to promote your reels and makes your audience pay more attention to your brand. 

In today’s digital era most people create reels and it has high level competition. Tik-Tok has bands in many countries but absence of Tik-Tok instagram reels took the place that is steadily growing. 

Instagram reels are short form videos. It has simple editing tools that allow creators to use effects and filters, string together multiple shots, and incorporate music clips to craft fun engaging instagram reels in a few minutes.

Everyone wants to stay on top whether it is on reels, shorts, or anywhere else. You can quickly gain many views on shorts or videos and grow your accounts. Here are some important steps you should know about to grow your views on Instagram. Let’s read some advice to grow your views  than you can grow your likes on reels.  

Easy 13 Steps To Grow Your Views Or Likes On Reels 

  1. Create Viral Content

Content is a king for viraling your video. You must deliver your reels which have a kind of value to the viewers to get more views on reels. The content will keep you interested in your video and watch till the end. 

You can give some kind of information or funny things which people will like to watch. Your content should be stale, repetitive or feels pointless. You can create your videos on daily lifestyle or about some deep motivational speaker. Audiences like this type of thing

Create something like that people will remember after the watching and do these things they also want to share to others. It can be kind of news, jobs, jokes or hacks.  

For more information you can go on Top 9 Content To Enhance Social Media Platforms it can help you to create best video for likes on reels. 

  1. Relevant Hashtags

People use hashtags in their videos but some are not. This is the important feature for viral your video. Sometimes the audience wants to know about just trending news or information. They search these by hestages.

You must use a maximum of 30 hashtags related to your video. It must be related to your videos. Popular hashtags in your reels captions to increase discoverability. This is the way to reach your audience. 

It is a common mistake that people use long hashtags. If your account has less than 10k followers, you should not use high hashtags which have been used by 10000+ reels. You should use hashtags which have 100+ reels. Than you can get more likes on reels.

  1. Post On Correct Time   

You should pay attention to your audiences when they are most active on instagram. Some people post any time but post your reels during those peak times to maximize visibility and engagement. 

If you post your reels regularly but on the correct time then you might get the exposure from reels that you need. Posting morse reels is also very important to get more views on instagram reels and more likes on reels. 

If you post more content you have better chances to show up on the reels feed. You need to switch to a professional account then you go to the insights you will get to know at what time your followers are active then you can post your reel on that. 

  1. Collaborate With Other Influencers 

You can create your content with other influencers who have more followers than you. Their followers also will come to your account to know about you and might be able to follow you but they can increase your views on reels. 

It can help you to reach a wider audience. When you collaborate with another creator both of you can cross remote the reels on your respective platforms. Working with others you explore new concepts, styles or formats which you never heard about.

It will generate higher levels of engagement compared to solo content. Choosing the right collaborators, you can maximize the benefits and create impactful reels that resonate with your viewers. 

  1. Trending Song Tracks 

When you watch the reels you also notice that maximum people use the same song most of the time. It can be a trading song that is why they use it. Before creating any reel you must analyze which song or music is on trending.  

Typically, a trend will go hand in hand with a particular audio. If you want to find a popular audio track, click on the audio thumbnail at the lower right side of the reel a page will open related to that song and on the header side there will be an option of save audio  you can create a reel on that song. 

It will best impact your reel if you will join trends at the perfect time. if you get more views than you can get more likes on reels.

  1. High Quality Content 

Most people like to watch good quality videos to watch and listen clearly. 

You can get more views by creating high quality video and audio on  your reels. If you will use visual effects in video it will make your reels stand out.

For the high quality of video you can use any free websites or apps which can create your video in high quality. People like to watch animation videos because most teenagers are watching reels.  

For more information you can take knowledge about motion graphics which can give the best quality of video or you can go on 11 master video editing tips for engaging content. 

  1. Watch Time

You should know about watch time on Instagram? For everyone reels to watch  Instagram has no much time for it. 

Watch time is when audiences are coming on your reels. How long is it staying, you have to pay attention to these things. Audience is watching your reels more times, instagram will promote your reels as long as people will see your reels.

If you want people to watch your video for a long time, you have to create suspense in your reels. If your reel is above 15 seconds, you will get good watch time and chances to go viral. than you can get more likes on reels.

  1. Engaging CTA (call to action)

For making creative and sharing videos, you can end with an engaging CTA. engaging CTA means you encourage viewers of the reel to do something specific.

In this process, you can give the option to the audience to do something after watching the video Like, comments, share, save etc. you have to write something which can tag their relatives or best friend.

Your CTA can invite viewers to follow you, like or comment on your video or send the video to a specific friend. It’ll help your engagement rates to increase helpful aspects of Instagram growth. people mostly like these things and give likes on reels.

  1. Use Of Instagram Features 

There are many features that already exist in instagram. Take advantage of instagram features like stickers, effects and filters to enhance your reels and make them more interactive and engaging.

You can go live on instagram or youtube, from this people will get more engaged with you and your lifestyle and you can get more point of view from them about your reels. 

Interact with your audience, answer their questions and create anticipation for your reels . 

  1. Analyze Insigths. 

 Insight is a function of instagram and it is on you tube too. insights offers valuable data about your content performance. 

If your instagram account switches business or creator account, it will provide you instagram insights, which offers valuable data about your content performance. 

Go to your instagram profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. 

Select “insight” from the menu 

Under the “content” section tap on “reels”.

Then you can see your performance on instagram. 


  • Your content should be a quality way and three posts in a week is sufficient.
  •  You should respond to your audiences in a good way so that they will be active on your reels for watching. 
  • You can ask some questions from your audience. They will be active on your account to give likes on reels. 

It will take time and effort to grow your viewers on reels. Entertaining and relatable content will help you grow your views over time 

For further information you can go on my other post like for content strategies you can get more information about it.   

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