Best 7 Tricks To Optimize The Social Media Platforms

The social media platform

Best Social Media Platforms 


In today’s generation who uses social media, everyone’s question is how do we enhance social media networking?

There are several social media platforms available like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Every platform has its unique features. If you need the best platform, it depends on your specific needs and interests.

Everyone who uses these social media platforms wants growth on their platforms. building a huge social media following is challenging in this world for everyone. It’s hard to impress others through our social work. We just need some tips or techniques to grow them.

It doesn’t matter which platform is best for your growth it depends on your social media strategies and some skills which can grow your network or followers on your social media networking. 



What is Social Media Optimization?


Social Media Optimization Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

SMO social media optimization gives a process for optimizing and enhancing the presence on various social media platforms.


It also creates content that easily spreads presence on social media. It creates strategies and an active social media presence to grow your skills on social media platforms.


It builds meaningful relationships with customers by optimizing social media profiles, content, and interactions, businesses can improve online visibility, and reach a wider audience. 


Some companies tend to just set up a profile on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to be where their customers are, SMO(social media optimization) is about strategically creating, building, and maximizing your social media to connect with your target audience. 

Everyone has these questions about which types of problems they are facing related to social media platforms to enhance their content. Creators must read and find how to ….:-


    • 1. Create attractive content

    • 2. Sales of our product from social media 

    • 3. Grow flowers on Instagram, FB, and other platforms 

    • 4. Increase website traffics from your social media 

    • 5. To increase views on social media platforms

    • And otters do more….

If you make an imprint on the online world as a company you need to focus on using social media techniques that are helping you stand. If you want to become more visible in the industry, the right social media optimization strategy will improve your social media performance too.


Advantages Of Social Media Optimization 


How many people are always active on social media networking? I know not every time but in a day for 2-3 hours maximum may be some more but for 24 hours no one can be active on social media. this very big deal for your online businesses.


    • Social media optimization is not as simple as opening other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in these platforms you just need to create an account or post something every day. It’s not easy to invite your friends or outer audience and website visitors to like your Facebook or Instagram pages. 

It’s hard work to optimize your business or social media platforms. It needs content research and smart strategizing. You need a mentor who can guide you in the right way to become a famous creator. 


Some benefits of social media optimization as:-


    • 1. It gives great visibility on your platform

    • 2. It will improve the quality of your leads from social media 

    • 3. Through your social media channels, it sells more on your products and services.

    • 4. It will improve reach on social media 

    • 5. On social media, it will increase brand awareness.

    • 6. At a faster rate, it grows your followers.

    • 7. It will increase your business rate 

 Best 7 Tricks To Optimize The Social  Media Platforms


1. Engagement On Social Media 

35 Social Media Content Ideas for Boosting Engagement - VirTasktic

Might be a top reason for falling brands behind in the social media world is “the lack of strategy”. This could be a big reason for not growing on social media platforms. 


Goals are very important for enhancing social media platforms. A maximum of 30% of businesses fail and do not grow followers on social media because of not getting the best strategy. If you need traffic on social media, make a good strategy by social media optimization.


 Make a strategy that you can try by writing content and then applying it on your social media platforms. Your content must be reasonable and trending on social media. You can check which type of content the audience wants to see or like to watch. You can view which types of content audiences most like on social media platforms. 


It takes some time to grow your account, you just need to give some time in it to grow your business or other things on social media. 


2. Keyword Research

How to Use Social Media Keyword Research to Improve Your Posts

The most important one is keyword research to optimize which types of content audiences like to watch or read. it’s all about the word or phrases that will help to rank on search engines.


 the best tool keyword Surfer you can use on your Google to search for keyword research for hashtags.  For this, you need to know what is SEO which is important for increasing ranking on your social media platforms.  


It gives related hashtags to use within the content. Here’s an example you run a store of makeup products. People searching for #makeupkit, #makeupbridal, or other hashtags are more likely to be your customers.


It means if you want to appear in a search engine’s audience will reach you in one click of your hashtags. It’s simple you can use multiple SEO tools to engage with social media.


3. Optimize Profile 

10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile In 2023

Things are optimizing your social media platform by using search engine optimization. It looks easy to create a profile but it is the most important area of your platform where businesses fall short on their social media optimization strategy.  


Profile picture: you must use a high-quality profile picture that can represent your brand or show your original personality. Your cover page on social media must be like your profile which can show your personality. It should be clear and look like a professional. It can recognize you in small sizes on your profile picture and cover page. 


Username: your username should be small or easy to remember. It can be related to the work which you are doing on that platform. You can be consistent across different platforms. 


Bio: it’s all about your section page. Your social media platforms depend on your Bio who will visit your landing page first absolutely will see your bio to recognize you. It describes who you are, what you do on this platform, and which types of offers you give on your platform.

Use relevant keywords and hashtags to improve searchability. Highlight your unique selling points and include a link to your website or other relevant platforms. 


4. Post At The Right Time: 

What's the Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2022? [SOLVED]

There are several benefits of posting at the right time. It’s a good strategy on social media or content marketing for growing your platform.

 Here are some advantages of posting at the right time:            


    • 1. It will increase your visibility and help reach a large audience by identifying when your target audience is more active on a particular platform. 

    • 2. It improves conversion rates by posting at the right time. It can have a positive impact on your conversion rates. 

    • 3. It builds awareness and extends reach. It is based on your historical performance. It will increase engagement. 

    • 4. Posting at the right time helps you make the most of your resources and efforts. You can focus on creating high-quality content and scheduling it for the 5. optical times. 

    • 5. Paying attention to posting times allows you to gather valuable insights and analytics about your audience’s behavior. 

Conducting research, analyzing data, and experimenting with different posting schedules can help you identify the best time to reach and engage your specific audience effectively. 


5. Image Or Video Size Must Be In The Right Size 

The Complete Social Media Video Sizes Cheat Sheet

When you visit any platform firstly the audience reacts to pictures or videos. If it looks terrifying, your audience does not watch anything on your social media. 

These types of things make you unprofessional. It looks like the worst and most fake account.  Users can’t believe you while watching your social media platforms.  


Several reasons you should put the right size of images and videos:


    • 1. Using the correct size ensures that your image and videos are optimized for mobile viewing, avoiding issues such as slow loading times or the need for excessive scrolling.

    • 2. If your content is not in the right size, it may get cropped, warped, or displayed improperly on your platform which can give a negative impact on engagement.

    • 3. Image and video size across your social media profile recognize your content easily, brand recognition, and loyalty. 

    • 4. Using the right size for your images and videos reduces the file size and optimizes compressions. This results in faster upload times, allowing you to share your content more efficiently. 

You can edit your videos and it also affects your engagement on social media. You must know 11 master video editing tips for engaging content. 


 6. Ask Questions In Your Post Or Story

How to use the Instagram question sticker to strengthen your online business - Elise Darma

This is the easier engagement to your audience by asking questions that relate to them as what they like or what type of preferences they give to your posts. 

When you ask a question, it means you are inviting your readers or listeners to participate. Questions create a sense of interaction and encourage people to think and respond. 


 Through the provoking questions challenge people to analyze a topic or situation from a different perspective.


It generates curiosity in the audience. Asking questions creates a sense of anticipation and makes people eager to find the answers.


Asking the questions often serves as a conversation starter. What the audience needs you can understand by asking questions. 


Audience responses can provide valuable insights that help you tailor your content to their interests and deliver more relevant and engaging material. 

Overall, asking questions in your post or story can enhance engagement. 


7. Social Media Analytics 

The Complete How-to Guide: Social Media Analytics - NetBase Quid

Analytics means when you analyze the data and discover some meaningful information and use them for decision-making that is called analytics. 


Suppose, that a business organization whose product is not selling much in the market, will appoint a researcher and collect some data and analyze that and take information, and then they make decision making. 


In social media people collect from each other and share their feelings and intentions. If you analyze social media data, you can get real-time consumer data.

You need to keep an eye on social media and track the traffic too. This could be engagement on all posts. There are many social platforms and they have their own metrics to track likes, comments, shares, etc. 


Process of collecting audience data shared on social media (blogs, Sites of social media).analyzing out for making useful business decisions. 




Social media optimization can change your viewer point on all platforms. It will completely change your way of marketing strategies. Now whenever you have a marketing strategy you definitely include social media optimization in your plan. 

Apply these things on your social media platform approach to your social media posting and see the result. 

If you want to know about social media platforms and want to optimize your social media you can contact me.